9:00 AM - Workshop:

Everyone is invited to take part in the workshop: beginners, semi-professional, professional pianists and teachers. They will be given the opportunity to perform for everyone and receive feedback in pressure free and friendly environment.

All are welcome to share their stories, join the discussion, ask questions and share their ideas and experiences.

Excellent chance to meet fellow pianists, perform, share opinions and take memorable photos. 


12:00 PM - Presentation:

Entrepreneurs are invited to deliver a lecture or make a PowerPoint presentation regarding their events or products related to piano.


It is a great opportunity for them to reach out to the community, meet young pianists, their parents and teachers and discuss potential collaboration.

1:00 PM - Lunch:

Local food vendors are invited to sponsor the event and provide food in exchange for publicity and official sponsorship of the event. It is a great opportunity to advertise their business due to expected high attendance during the national celebration. 

2:00 PM - Master Class: 

Several outstanding young artists will be selected to perform for guest faculty in the master class, open to the public. 

The auditions will be held online two weeks prior to the event. Application fee is $50 (one ticket for 7 PM Guest Artist recital included).

The faculty will announce the master class participants as well as Outstanding Young Artists Recital participants (see next paragraph).

4:00 PM - Young Artist Recital: 

Talented young pianists will be selected by the faculty two weeks prior the event. The auditions will be held online. Application fee is $50 (one ticket for 7 PM Guest Artist recital included).

The faculty will make decisions regarding master class and recital participants and repertoire based on online auditions. The participants will be notified immediately after the decision is made.


7:00 PM - Guest Artist Recital:

Vladimir KHOMYAKOV (Russia)

Multiple international award-winning recording artist

2013 Ima Hogg Houston Symphony Competition Winner

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* All activities are subject to change or cancellation.

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